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The Knightlites QRP Association


The Knightlites are a group of Amateur Radio enthusiasts who specialize in low power (QRP) operating. By most definitions, QRP means a power level of five watts or less. We chose our name to reflect both the chivalrous ideals of our association and the fact that we transmit with less power than a traditional night light bulb! In keeping with our knightly theme, we address one another with the title "Sir" or "Lady".

Many of us are located around Raleigh, North Carolina, but we have members in other states and even other countries (see "Members"). We meet every Sunday evening on the 80 meter band (see "Round Table") for an informal CW net. In addition, we try to get together once a month for dinner (see "News") and occasionally organize QRP expeditions to remote locations (see "Events").

We are an informal group; we have no membership application, officers, constitution, or dues. Any Amateur Radio operator is welcome to join our weekly net and thus become a de facto Knight. You may also join our email list for updates on club activities (see "Links").

Another passion many of us share is building our own radio equipment. You can check out a few of our past projects (see "Projects") which include tiny transceivers and accessories related to QRP radio.

We appreciate your visit to our web site; please look around!

KA2QPG - Sir Pierre
N3GO - Sir Gary
WA4GIR - Sir Joe